Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transitions, Part II

Much like Evel Knieval, G and I took a chance leaving our pre-school and going off into the wild, blue yonder of summertime, sans babysitter.  Ramping up, we went off for a two-week visit to New York.  It was good fun and great to see family.  But on the second to last day, I received a call to come back to full-time employment.  It’s been 10 months since Js death and it struck me that it was probably time and I should take advantage of the opportunity.

So on that day, I had to find another babysitter, as ours wasn’t meant to return from an Air Force reservist training camp for 5 weeks.  The day the babysitter started is another day I had to leave G with someone I didn’t know well during a period of upheaval and me back behind a desk working on a television show full of madness.

But believe it or not, it’s a month down the line and we're all still here and sane.  We made it through that first frightful day.  And before we knew it, by the very next week, G started school.  He loves it.  We wait for the school bus early in the morning.  When he pops on, I head to work.  When he pops off, he sees his new babysitter and goes to therapy or on some adventure.  They both love the same museums.  She calls him "honey", so he calls her "honey" right back.

Last week, I got calls for more work and much like the past decade, I’ll be back on the road.  We’re keeping the new babysitter, sadly missing the one that helped us so much after Js death.  The new babysitter will be able to do overnights – even though G and I will miss each other dearly, I know he’s in safe hands.

New job, new school, new babysitter and even new therapies are at hand.  And I can tell you, I’m so proud of G for running through all the hoops.  Lord knows that boy still can’t really put a sentence together – by next blog he’ll be turning 7 – but his fantastic nature and desire to learn are making him into the unique individual he’ll grow up to be.  I’m hoping he’ll not be as risk taking as Evel Knieval, but I have no doubt G will brighten up the world.


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