Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Connecting the Two

I just wanted to say thank you to Christina and everyone here for the warm welcome I've received as a contributor on the site. To say I'm honored and humbled to be here is an understatement.

When we asked Christina if we could focus a week on Hopeful Parents at Support for Special Needs she enthusiastically agreed and we had a moment I remember well. We talked about building a bigger community for all of us to draw from and this was another way to connect. I know all of you know this - connection is the key - and it's an idea we shared that day on the phone.

So we are thrilled to have Hopeful Parents on our site and we are thrilled to be here, among "family."

Our site offers a place for parents and caregivers and special needs resources to connect. In addition to our own community news, news worthy items for special needs, member blogger feeds, and profiles on groups and authors, and personal essays, all relating to our world of special needs parenting.

So we welcome you and thank so many of you for already becoming community members.



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