Monday, September 20, 2010

Support for Special Needs

Have you heard of Support for Special Needs? It's a free social networking site for special needs families. Founded by Julia Roberts (who also happens to write for Hopeful Parents) and Dawn Friedman, Support for Special Needs shares news stories, information, resources, and personal connections for families like ours.

Each week, Support for Special Needs creates awareness for a different cause or organization...and this week, it's Hopeful Parents!

I hope you'll consider stopping by every day this week -- on Monday, there'll be an interview with yours truly, and for the four days following, Support for Special Needs will profile four of our writers (chosen at random). It couldn't be any easier...just click on the link below!


  1. I am not the parent of a child with special needs. In fact, I don’t have children at all. But I do work with some extraordinary children. I am a behavior manager in the special needs department at a school for the deaf. I read Hopeful Parents everyday. It helps me understand the other side of the story. Most of my students live at the school, so I don’t interact with parents often. I am often appalled by the tales your writers tell about the struggle to have their children educated. And I think about judgements I have made in the past regarding students’ parents. It is as easy for me to judge a parent as it is for the parent to judge me. After doing this job for so many years I have come to the conclusion that we all have special needs. And we are all doing our best to get by. It’s easy to acknowledge that in our children, harder in the adults we come in contact with. If we could recognize it ourselves and others, what could we accomplish?

  2. Julia Roberts is writing here?????

  3. Yes, I am writing here! Except I'm not the famous one...
    Thanks for sharing the site with Hopeful Parents readers and writers. We love the site and are glad to share it with our community members! It's been great getting to know you Christina!

  4. Too funny ! Thanks for the clarification and your website. Plus now I can tell people that I've chatted with Julia Roberts !