Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Kim Stagliano, Author of All I Can Handle, I'm No Mother Teresa

From the outside, some may view Kim Stagliano's life raising three daughters with autism as completely overwhelming, full of despair and unimaginable.  I can tell you from reading her memoir, or "Kimoir" as she fondly calls it, her view is remarkably different.

In her book, All I Can Handle, I'm No Mother Teresa, (with a forward by Jenny McCarthy), she provides an intimate view inside her life from a place of love, honesty, humor, joy, and vulnerability.

I highly recommend her book not only to parents raising a child with autism but anyone with a curiosity to gain a greater awareness and understanding of what life looks like raising a child, or in Kim's case, three children, with autism.  It will feel like you're chatting, laughing and crying with a dear friend.

In addition to writing her "Kimoir", Kim is the Managing Editor of Age of Autism, the nation's first daily web newspaper about the autism epidemic.  If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to do so.  She also writes for The Huffington Post, The Debutante Ball, The Dallas Morning News Moms Blog and she is on the editorial staff of the Autism File Magazine.

I admire her unwavering commitment to speak out for what she believes.  She does not allow anyone tell her what to think, feel or do and I love that she leads her life from a place of knowing what is best for her and her family.  She's never tells you what you should or shouldn't do either.  She completely respects that you are the one that knows your own answers.  Her intention is to share her experience and lead by example and that makes her a true leader in my eyes!

I asked to interview her for my blog post this month and she graciously said yes.  So, yesterday, we called each other from opposite coasts via Skype which is the recorded conversation below.  I love the magic of technology!

If you would like more information about Kim and her book, please visit her website: www.kimstagliano.com.  Enjoy!



Interview with Kim Stagliano, author of All I Can Handle, I'm No Mother Teresa from diane Hunter on Vimeo.