Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blogging for Awareness, Day 11

All month long, Hopeful Parents is celebrating National Family Caregivers Month and National Blog Posting Month. Celebrating is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. If you blog about your child with special needs, include your post for the day below. More details about Hopeful Parents Blogging for Awareness are here.

2. If you like Hopeful Parents, let everyone know by "liking" us on Facebook! Click on the "Like" button on our sidebar, or visit our Facebook profile. We're trying to get to 5,000 likes by the end of the month...

3. If you luuuuvvvvv Hopeful Parents, become a member! All month long, we're giving you one good reason every day to join. Reason No. 11:

You need to get your holiday shopping done.

Got your attention with that reason...didn't I? It's true, though. Joining Hopeful Parents will help you get your holiday shopping done! We have partnered wit a company called Working Advantage that offers discounts for things like movie tickets, sports events, restaurants, and retail stores (with both online and real life establishments). If you're thinking of getting gift certificates for anyone on your list -- friends, family, teachers, therapists, physicians, etc. -- then why wouldn't you want to get them at a discount? When you join Hopeful Parents, you'll gain access to all the discounts and special offers that Working Advantage provides. Plus, you'll probably make that $25 membership fee back with all the savings!

That's all for today...see you tomorrow! And don't forget to add your link. Let's create some awareness about what it's like to care for a child with special needs!