Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging for Awareness, Day 28

All month long, Hopeful Parents is celebrating National Family Caregivers Month and National Blog Posting Month. Celebrating is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. If you blog about your child with special needs, include your post for the day below. More details about Hopeful Parents Blogging for Awareness are here.

2. If you like Hopeful Parents, let everyone know by "liking" us on Facebook! Click on the "Like" button on our sidebar, or visit our Facebook profile. We're trying to get to 5,000 likes by the end of the month...

3. If you luuuuvvvvv Hopeful Parents, become a member! All month long, we're giving you one good reason every day to join. Reason No. 28:

You want to change the schools.

Could you imagine what kinds of sweeping and positive changes could be accomplished to help our kids in school if we simply came together to do this, instead of individualized and one-by-one. We can all agree, I think, that each of our kids presents a unique set of circumstances…but I think we can also all agree that there are some common standards that all schools should uphold for our children with disabilities. Our membership could create a set of standards for schools to follow, and together, we could champion our cause within our local, state and federal governments. What a difference we could make! We can’t do it alone, individualized, and isolated as is the case with our IEPs today. Please join Hopeful Parents, and let’s work together on a school initiative.

That's all for today...see you tomorrow! And don't forget to add your link. Let's create some awareness about what it's like to care for a child with special needs!


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