Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blogging for Awareness, Day 6

All month long, Hopeful Parents is celebrating National Family Caregivers Month and National Blog Posting Month. Celebrating is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. If you blog about your child with special needs, include your post for the day below. More details about Hopeful Parents Blogging for Awareness are here.

2. If you like Hopeful Parents, let everyone know by "liking" us on Facebook! Click on the "Like" button on our sidebar, or visit our Facebook profile. We're trying to get to 5,000 likes by the end of the month...

3. If you luuuuvvvvv Hopeful Parents, become a member! All month long, we're giving you one good reason every day to join. Reason No. 6:

You believe in the cause.

Our mission is simple: to provide grassroots, parent-to-parent support to each other. Nobody's going to do this for us. Nobody understands what we're going through like we do. End of story.

But that doesn't mean it's the end for advocacy. In fact, that's just the beginning. When we are strong enough in numbers, our members' voices will be able to join together to be heard in our increasingly divided society. When the people who support causes like autism, cancer, epilepsy, ADHD, cerebal palsy, allergies, and on and on and on -- when those people all come together with one loud voice to speak to our government and our communities, we will be heard! We can affect change together. It must be done, though, together. Please join Hopeful Parents so we can make this mission a reality.

That's all for today...see you tomorrow! And don't forget to add your link. Let's create some awareness about what it's like to care for a child with special needs!

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