Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Wish for You

There have been several pimples that have taken residence on the side of my cheek, apparently the low-rent district of my face. So I decided to get myself a facial this morning.

Included with the facial, was a brief hand and arm massage -- which is when the esthetician found it.

"Someone bit you?" she asked, while gently rubbing lotion on my scabby, bruised forearms.

"My son," I said. "He bit me." And then the whole scene played in my head: the boiling water I was scared he was going to throw at me, how I very firmly placed him against the kitchen counter away from the water, how he was so upset that I had restrained him that he began tangling his hands in my hair while pulling my head and scratching my arm and hand.

"Here," she said, "I have some Neosporin." And she gently rubbed the healing salve on my wounds.

A tear formed underneath the cucumber-water soaked cotton balls covering my eyes.

And I felt grateful for her tender care, and thought I should never need to give myself permission to do something nice for myself like a facial. Pimples aren't the reason I need to come in; to honor me for me is the only reason I need.

Wishing all you the ability to honor yourselves in the ways that you need in the coming year. Happy New Year!

- - - - -

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Yes. We all need to be taken care of -- we all need mothering like we do -- and fathering. Happy New Year to you --

  2. Happy New Year Elizabeth and to everyone!
    Taking the time out to care for yourself on a regular basis is even more critical when you have children with special needs. Otherwise, you may find yourself resenting your "role"

  3. Tears in my eyes too. Amazing how much we endure and don't even think of the neosporin. It was my inspiration for a post today too. May we all take good care of ourselves this year!

  4. This is so hard fornus, but so essential. Hope the New Year brings you plenty of opportunities to honor yourself as you deserve.

  5. Your post is so poignant! True, so very true. We need to take good care of ourselves.....and we need those REMINDERS :)

  6. OK so now I feel like such a heel for bragging about how easy we have it with our little guy last night when we were visiting. I'm so sorry the disruption in routine has done this to y'all...but I'm glad you went for the facial and will be able to continue...

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