Saturday, December 25, 2010

My son.

 My son

You perplex me and amuse me

At the same time

You never go with the flow

Always fighting against it

Proudly different

Demons live in you

From your mind-boggling experiences

They saved your life

You’re always a little off

We accept you

Outsiders notice

When you are dark we worry

When you are bright we celebrate

You have a spark

Many cannot see

Ingenuity and resourcefulness

Those kept you alive and fighting

Never caring what others think

Your gift

That will take you far into your life

My wish always

A holiday and every single day

Is for you to go into the world

In any direction

And for it to be your choice

How I love you

My son

Merry-Happy Whateverholidayyoucelebrate!

May the New Year bring happiness, peace and understanding to us all.

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