Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frosty the Spectrum Man

Like a lot of parents out there, our Christmas celebration is not represented in any glossy magazine spread or on some fashionable TV show. No, when living with the Spectrum your life doesn’t exactly come off like a Martha holiday special. So you learn to alter some traditions, leave some by the wayside, and others you try to modify as appropriately as you can. Now I don’t care how old you are…there are some things that can have you reverting back to your childhood during this time. How many of us still watch A Charlie Brown Christmas? One of my guilty pleasures every December is the old holiday classics. And thank goodness that ABC Family channel shows so many of them. I love almost all of them. Well, what do you expect from someone whose favorite movie of all time is It’s A Wonderful Life? I can get that giddy, child-like excitement when a favorite is on. To be honest, sometimes it’s the best part of a very long day. They can renew the hope and spirit that is lagging in me. Another of my all time favorites is Frosty the Snowman. To be honest, Frosty could be considered my very first crush if you listen to the story my mother repeats—constantly—every year about how I would cry when Frosty went away. She repeats it every year, without fail for many consecutive years, like some torturous family tradition. I don’t know, there was just something that appealed to me about the friendship Frosty had with Karen. Now, I have been able to share some of the magic of those classic Christmas specials with my oldest son, C. It took awhile; but that was at least a tradition we could share. Not so much with B. He wasn’t interested unless there was a song going on at the time. Then he would lose interest and get into mischief somewhere. I wished that he could enjoy the shows the way C did. Not that I am advocating mass watching of TV—I just thought it was one way he could participate if you will since he loves videos. Many of the other Christmas traditions are beyond his interest or tolerance level. That was until a couple of weeks ago when I pulled out a dusty VHS tape of Frosty. I’m sure some specialist somewhere would love to analyze the similarities and symbolism of B enjoying the same particular special as his mother. Fine. At least we have this in common. I don’t know if it was the sound effects, the song, the silly, lovable snowman himself or some subliminal pull…but he’s hooked. And in a truly BIG way. Our new after-school routine consists of watching my favorite frozen guy a scant few minutes after shedding his coat and boots. He gets so excited that I have actually dragged a mini-trampoline into the family room to allow him to bounce while watching. (Quick, someone pick Martha off the floor where she fainted. My dog might mistake her for a chew toy.) It’s a four-for-one home therapy session! He gets PT, OT, ST and Music therapy all in one 20+ minute shot. Oh, and he attends to something for more than 30 seconds. Sure, I am beginning to hear “thumpity, thump, thump, thumpity, thump, thump” in my dreams. And yes, I am starting to lose my mind with how many times I have endured Frosty… but at least we have found a common tradition to share. There is also the fact that very few in my family can tolerate Frosty. My husband always roots for Professor Hinkle—but he has his own issues. C is “too cool” for Frosty now that he’s older. (Ironic choice of words and bad pun aside.) My parents cringe since it dredges up the past with me. So, Frosty is just a Mom and son thing, like our own Christmas tradition. It’s not perfect but at least it’s something. Today in the mail, B’s godmother sent presents. Among them—God bless her—was a pristine DVD copy of Frosty the Snowman. We were on the phone and she heard him get upset because waiting for the old VHS tape to rewind was a supreme test of B’s patience which usually ended up in tears and screaming. Then she actually heard him trying to say the words of the show. That did it for her. Now, I don’t have to fear the old VHS tape breaking! And we can take it on the road if need be with our portable DVD player. It’s still not a scene for some magazine for all to emulate. Yet, when I hear him trying to sing the Frosty the Snowman song, repeat phrases word-for-word he couldn’t say before, or hear him giggle as the ticket booth man is stamping all those tickets to the North Pole…well, I realize it is our version of A Wonderful Life. And just like the magic silk hat, this shared experience has brought the chance for him to have his own special memory and tradition to life. Not bad for a cartoon snowman. I hope all of you find a moment to savor this holiday season. And sincere wishes to the Hopeful Parents “family” that the New Year bring you and your family blessings, peace, joy and your own Frosty moment. God bless.


  1. His Godmother is awesome!. I'm happy you guys can share Frosty together :) for Martha Stewart like

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