Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hopeful Parents Ad Network

If you're viewing this post at our site and not in an RSS feed or on Facebook, you may notice something different about Hopeful Parents. An ad. It's another step for us -- a way for our fledgling organization to start generating some much-needed revenue so that we can, together, accomplish some pretty remarkable activities.

In addition to our own site hosting ads -- ads, which will be relevant to our extraordinary lives -- we're opening up the ability for all you bloggers out there to share the wealth. If you blog or run a website that has a readership consisting of other parents of special needs children, and if you want to make some money for yourself...then I suggest you apply to become part of our new Hopeful Parents Ad Network.

Joining the network is a pretty simple process. You'll have to give us some statistics for your site (number of page views per month and number of unique visitors per month, on average). You'll also have to post our demographic survey on your website for your readers to answer. And that's it. Once we have a good picture of your blog -- and the important piece is having an audience of other parents with special needs children, not size -- you're in!

If you're reading this thinking that you know of an advertiser, or if you're one yourself, please check out our information for advertisers. We'd love to work with you to promote your company, product or service to our concentrated community of parents of kids with special needs.

Our ad network and audience is set to grow, which is good for all of us: bloggers and advertisers.

But for me, what's most important, is not the revenue our network will bring. What's most important to me is that the Hopeful Parents Ad Network helps us to widen our net and find every parent of a child with special needs.

I'm convinced that when our group reaches critical mass, we'll be able to work together to advocate for ourselves, our children and our families. That's the whole goal here. And the Hopeful Parents Ad Network is one more step in the right direction!

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