Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Plans!

Member Meeting In Los Angeles

Who lives in Los Angeles? I'll be there from September 25 through October 2, and would love to get a group of Hopeful Parents together! Please e-mail me. I'm thinking of this as our first membership meeting, so if you do plan on coming...I also hope you will join (if you haven't already).

Awareness Campaign in November

In November we're are looking to do a major, national awareness campaign on our health as "extreme" parents. We'd like to remind all of you to take care of yourselves, we'd like you to remind your friends who are "extreme" parenting to take care of themselves, we'd like to provide tips on self-care...and, we'd like to promote all of it through the media.

In order to gear-up for this, we need to do a few things:

1. Get some cash in the bank. We have $422 in the bank right now. To distribute a press release that goes to the right people, nation-wide costs between $600-$900. How are we going to get the money we need? Through membership. Please join! We need an additional 25 members at least to meet this goal.

2. Understand which issues affect parents. Please take the Hopeful Parents Health Survey so that we can speak intelligently about your needs.

3. Stay tuned...we are considering finding families to profile on their local news stations as part of this campaign. If you are a member, you will receive a direct e-mail about this, so please join if you're interested!

Please Join Hopeful Parents

I think the message here is probably getting clearer. We need members! In order to lift our organization off the electronic page and into daily life, we need to start counting ourselves. I do hope you'll consider joining Hopeful Parents. In the coming year, we will have more gatherings of us in other cities across the country. And as a member, you'll be the first one to hear about important initiatives (like the local news stories) when they arise. As a member, you are our most important constituent...and your voice can only be heard if you join.

If you do nothing else today...please join Hopeful Parents!



  1. Hi Christina -- This awareness campaign is very timely.
    I am going to Ottawa early November to participate in a national (Canadian) roundtable on the health of caregivers of kids with special needs. It's part of a large research project through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
    So I'm very interested to hear more about your campaign and I'll fill out your survey! I'd love to take any key messages from your findings with me when I go to Ottawa. Thanks! Louise