Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat and Run

Right now, we’re on summer vacation in New York.  It’s been a bit of a break neck tour of relatives, but G has been magnificent at handling himself.  Although I’d like him to talk more, he acts appropriately in each situation, has been a good sleeper and for the most part a good eater.

But good eating for G. is usually chicken nuggets and fish sticks, with the occasional cookie or ice cream thrown in.  On this trip, it’s meant quite the bout of constipation with some trapped wind that had G. howling through the night two nights in a row (the nights he wasn’t a good sleeper).  As much Miralax as I can give him, he will not give up the poop. 

Is it behavioral – was he really a little uncomfortable with all of our moving around and he’s taking back control?  Was it physical and we didn’t bulk him up enough to get “things moving”?

I can tell you, a great sigh of relief will be heard when he finally relieves himself.  Hopefully, it will be just in time for our return flight to Chicago – and not actually in transit.  Oh, the suspense won’t kill me, but I think I do see a little grey hair coming on…