Monday, June 11, 2012

Adoption Soap Opera

Do you ever feel like you are part of a really bad TV show?  Or that Candid Camera is secretly stalking you?  

I feel that way a lot lately.   It is all part of adoption.  More so when you want to adopt a special needs child.  

We had been looking at all types children.  Many if whom have had a whole list of alphabet soup in their info.  We have dealt with high maintenance social workers, and a whole cast of grade B actors who made me want to hit my head on wall. 

It is frustrating, slow, and painful.  I feel like I am stuck in crazy land.   All I want to do is bring a child into our home, love them, and give them a family.  You would think people would beat down our door.  We are not picky about race, gender, or special needs.  We have jobs, are not psycho, and are even described as pleasant to be around.  But so far there has been no rush.  Lots of nibbles but no child.   It is hard to wait.  I hate the thought of kids rotting in the system.  And of living in limbo.

But still I press on.  I hope the next post I have will have some better news, but right now I feel fairly battle weary.  I know there is hope and it took us three years to get our son so this is not going to be instantaneous.   So I will keep marching in the battle and hope that I don't hit too many land mines.
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Amy is in the process of trying not to loose her mind while she is adopting a second child.  She is a wife, mother, and Montessori teacher.  You can visit her at

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