Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is my first contribution for the Hopeful parents. I read the blog for quite some time now, at first anonymously, at the end with my name on the tag. At the beginning of the month I decided to ask if I can join to the writers...

Raising a child with Autism demands HOPE! Demands a lots of hope, because - well, at least where we are living - this is almost everything we are left with.

Lighthouse was/is for me a synonym for hope. Not a candle. A lighthouse.

Imagine this: dark, moonless night, possible storm, rough sea, a lost sailing boat with it's crew (my family) and then... in the far away distance one SINGLE glimpse of light. 
The captain (me) is not sure if she saw it right. But in a minute - the light is seen again for a split of second.
The captain waits and holds her breath - is it her imagination or it is real?
When the light is seen for the third time, still from a far distance... she knows it's really there.

That is hope for me. I depend on that constant blinking light - sometimes hidden, sometimes seen - for so long, I can't live without it anymore.

I usually said and am still saying; "When I will lose hope, I'll be long gone.

You know that feeling?

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Petra is a Writer, Mum of Two, Wife to One... Fighter for a better Future for her child with Autism and the one without. 
She blogs at http://foraoisdarach.blogspot.com .