Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being Special & Special Treatment

Last week our family was able to ride in a blimp.

A blimp!

It came through a couple of channels and was offered to us because the kids have a life-threatening condition. In fact, they've both received a Make-A-Wish wish and they've received countless gifts from charities that donate to the hospital.

It feels strange sometimes accepting these perks, but yet we do. We don't mind giving them the experiences we wouldn't be able to provide. For my kids, who will fight to have a less than average lifespan, if I can give them one chance in a lifetime, you bet I will.

I think for the kids, who work hard at blending in, having special needs and getting special treatment are at opposite ends and they struggle to merge the two. I've written a lot about how both of them are noticing their differences compared to their friends but more so for my daughter. It's hard for her to reconcile it all because she likes being treated special in a lot of ways.

She likes testing pullout, small group learning, the fun in speech therapy, and of course, blimp ride like opportunities.

Geez. Even fun is complicated.

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Julia is mom to two amazing kids on borrowed kidneys from two women who are incredible friends. She blogs at Kidneys and Eyes, Co-founded Support for Special Needs, Writes at Aiming Low, and sells cool stuff at Slice of Crazy Pie

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