Friday, October 8, 2010

Diego The Person

If I had the power I would not change a single thing about Diego’s personality. I would definitely change the issues he has associated with his Aspergers/ASD, but his personality is the best ever!!

Diego’s laugh is contagious and comes from a place of complete joy. His laugh never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Diego has got a fantastic sense of humor,different but fantastic, and without even meaning to he cracks all of us up on a regular basis.

Like the day he came out of nowhere and told me that rabbits don’t live on other planets, when I asked him why, he said it was because they are not Astronauts & walked away.

I fell out in the kitchen .

Diego is honest and it is beautiful.

In a world where honest people are so rare, this is very refreshing to experience daily. I am doing my best to teach him to harness his truth, but I don’t see myself discouraging it much. I think the only time I may encourage him to be honest quietly is if it would really hurt someone elses feelings.

Diego is a strong young man, he faces his challenges head on and really tries to do his best.

His determination inspires me everyday.

Diego has such a beautiful spirit,the love he gives to all of us is unconditional and genuine.

At the end of the day D Aspergers/ASD, but it doesn’t define all he is as a person.

I am blessed to have the children I do and even on the hardest day, I don’t ever forget that.

Shivon Chas two boys 11 (NT) and 5 (ASD) and blogs about life with them over at 'My Brain Wants To Go Home'


  1. doesn't get anymore beautiful and hopeful than that. We don't have to tell you that he is lucky to have you has his mom.

  2. your son sounds so wonderful and so do you