Saturday, August 11, 2012

Winds of Change

Nothing ever stays the same.  That is always certain.  But our family is out for a new world record in the change olympics.  All for one reason.  

Our family changed four years ago when we adopted our first special needs child.  As per our agreement with his social worker we gave Marvin time to grow and adjust to us and we to him.  But then I got bit by the adoption bug bad again.  I figured I could just squeeze another little one into our mix and we would just chug along. 

Talk about stupidity at its finest. 

For this child I had to lay aside the job I loved, find a new church home, and my son has to switch schools to be closer to home.   Talk about some major life changes.   Is it worth it?  

Well, we think so.  This little bundle who is soon to disrupt our peaceful night slumber is going to bring us joy and more abounding love.  She was born premature, has vision issues, weak muscle tone, and a list of secondary and primary problems that would make anyone cringe.  Plus she is a legal risk adoption.  So why, some ask? 

Well the answer is simple.  Love.  Not to go all Hallmarky on everyone, but we think the risks are worth the outcome.  Marvin had many of her problems and we have weathered the storm successfully so we are ready to try again.  We have love, time, and resources to make this work. 

So let the winds of change blow away.  I'm not afraid.

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Amy is a wife and mother of a son with Shaken Baby Syndrome.  She is trying to adopt a second special needs child out of foster care.  You can follow her at her blog Many Kinds of Families.