Sunday, August 5, 2012

A letter....

Dear Nick

Do you remember last month? I told you that I was going away for a few days with your big brother. Do you recall me saying that I really wished you could come with us but I knew you would be much happier staying at home with Dad and the dog. You looked at me and nodded your head for "yes" and then made the sign for "plane".  

Do you remember the day I left? I gave you a big hug and a kiss and then hopped into the car with your brother and my big red suitcase; and we headed off to the airport. Oh, my boy, it hurt my heart to leave you behind.

I just need you to know, Nicky noo, that although I felt sad waving goodbye, I was also very excited to be going away with your brother. You see, he also needs to have time with me and if we are perfectly honest here, you do require more of me and unfortunately your sibling does miss out.

Please don't worry, your brother loves you so much and he doesn't have an issue with you requiring more attention. In fact he is the best big brother that a boy could ever have.

We had so much fun with your cousins and it was good for your brother to experience what it would be like to have two younger siblings. They talked and laughed and played. There were rough and tumble games. There were negotiations and arguments. There was a lot of love and affection.

Our time with them was bitter sweet. We had a taste of regular family life and we felt sad that you couldn't partake. We really wish that you could do all the things that we can do. I know that you walk your own path and I accept that. However, you must never ever forget that we walk alongside you. We may take a little detour every now and then and leave you for a short time, but we will always come back to join you. 

You have grown in leaps and bounds over the last two years. Gone are the days of extreme anxiety. Gone is that need for sameness and rigid patterns. Oh sure, we still have the food issues and the little patterns like touching door handles, but such is life! Gone is my feeling of stress. I no longer feel apprehensive at exposing you to new environments and challenges. 

So, my Nick, I have a little plan up my sleeve! I said to your Dad not so long ago, that I think the time is right for you to take a trip with us. It is time for you to experience an adventure! 

What do you think? 

Are you up for it?

It will involve a two hour plane trip. It will be two nights in a strange bed. We will be visiting friends. Visiting unfamiliar places. I know that you will be fine. We will be there with you. 

Do I hear a "yes"?

Now I just need to convince your Dad!

Lots of love

Mum xx

P.S. We will take the iPad! Big Smile

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Di is not sure how much of this letter would be understood by Nick, therefore she will never read it to him. Di loves her son far too much to let him know that she needs to take time out from him. She is serious about taking Nick on an adventure and if she can convince the Hub's then it will be sometime in December/January!

Between the odd bit of travelling, being taxi mum, walking the dog and generally taking life slow, Di blogs over at Bright Side of Life.



  1. Oh how I hope you go on that adventure.
    Just seeing his confident face on FB out and about with his dog makes me think he is ready for it!

  2. Such a beautiful, heartfelt post. I almost wish I could be a fly on that plane just to watch Nick experience it.

  3. I hope you get your adventure Di

  4. Oh Di, you made me cry! It's a beautiful letter and I get every bit of it even though our journeys are very different. You did right having your little trip and I wish you so much luck with Nick's Adventure :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Mommies must have their own adventures to keep them being good mommies! Good luck with Nick's adventure - I'm sure he'll surprise everyone :)

  6. Heartfelt thanks to you all for your lovely comments. We WILL be going on an adventure.... when I have convinced Nick's dad that it is a good idea! :)

  7. I'm in tears here. I've taken my older children away before as well, and left my autie son at home with his Dad. It tore my heart to pieces, but I'm so glad we did it. I will be watching out for news of your adventure XXX

    1. Hi Jean, sorry to hear about the tears. I wish it wasn't necessary to leave our kids at home, however, it is so important to have that special time with our other kids. So hard to get that balance. Take care. x

  8. Lovely letter. I can see now how fortunate I am, that our Patrik is such a great traveler. I know that you will convince Hub that IT IS GOOD IDEA!!!

    1. Hi Petra, thank you. I am very jealous that Patrik is a great traveler... oh how I wish my Nick was. We WILL be taking a short trip, even if I have to leave the Hub's at home!!!!! ;)

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