Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've basically had absolutely no time to sit down and focus on what I want to write this week, (and please forgive me if the following is a bunch of rambling nonsense since I just completed a 13 hour shift at work).  All of my energy and time has been spent this week trying to come up with a way to convince a total stranger, who's never even seen my son, that he is worth continuing his in-home behavior therapy program financed through the county.

My son is 6 and autistic, and like everywhere else these days the budgets for these services are stretched to the absolute limit. I've written letters, obtained behavioral data, collected recommendations from past and present teachers, as well as his pediatrician. I've taken photos of the destruction he has caused in our home. I've described his self-harming behaviors in detail.

His case-worker is coming to my home tomorrow at 3pm to gather all of my efforts and deliver them to this unknown individual who will basically decide the course of my son's future.

Will I convince them of what my son is worth? What he's capable of? Can I make them see all of the potential in him that I see? Is there anything else I could have said or done to get their approval?

And- (although this probably sounds selfish), how will it effect me if he is denied his services? Will I have the strength to keep fighting with these people who don't even know my son? Have never even met him?

All of these questions have been weighing on my mind for the past several weeks....

I guess we'll see....

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JenM. is a Registered Pediatric Nurse, with 3 boys- ages 8, 6, 20 months. Her middle son was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2.


  1. How familiar this sounds... I'm fighting the school system for 14 months now, as they want to put him to the class that is not fit for him and they don't even consider what he is capable for...
    As for the strength - I'm sure you have it. Just don't give up. No one knows your boy as you do!

  2. Good luck, I hope it all works in your favour!

  3. Thank you so much- sometimes it just seems so overwhelming!

  4. Jen - I will say a prayer for you and send every good vibe I've got that Mr. Unknown hears you loud and clear and you get those services.