Friday, May 18, 2012

Different perspective

Well, I have been thinking...

What do you see on this two pictures?

Cars, right? Nice cars and expensive ones too. Well, at least most of my friends do and about a decade ago I would agree with them.

But in last 6 years I don't see cars anymore. I don't even like to talk about them anymore, although I worked for car industry for more than a decade.

All I can see when I see them everywhere - on pictures like this, or on the roads, or... even when my friends talk about them - and not necessary this three types or marks... any type of car... What I see or picture in my mind is... how many years of therapy for my son with Autism they are worth of:

* 6 years
* 8 years
* 12 years
* 14 years
* 18 years
* etc...

And this is one of the things that changed in me, when our son was diagnosed with Autism. What different perspective you have now, that changed so much in your life?

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Petra is a Writer, Mum of Two, Wife to One... Warrior for a better Future for her child with Autism and for the one without. 
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