Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

I missed my Hopeful Parents deadline last month.

I haven’t posted on my blog since May.  

The writing wheels came to a halt sometime at the end of the school year when I was inundated with school functions, IEP meetings, and the dreaded mediation with the school district -- the usual stuff. 

And then my mother’s illness worsened.

The words stayed trapped in my head, swirling and spinning and I avoided putting any of them on paper. Too raw. Too hard.

I flew across country two weeks ago with my family and spent a precious few days with her. The images and conversations from those days both haunt and comfort me. I scrawled some of them into my notebook but I can’t look at them. Not yet.  

I know I will write about it. I know I will write about being right there with her when she passed away. I know I will write about how being the parent of a kid with special needs gave me the strength and skills I needed to help her in those last few days. I know I will write about Oscar’s reaction, Ruby’s ease and Abe’s compassion. And I know I will write about our ordinary life again.

But I’m not ready. Not yet.


  1. When you're ready, we're here. All ears and hugs.

  2. My heart is with you Mary.

  3. I am thinking of you Mary! I think our perspective from parenting does enable us to be present and real in a way that is so important to our loved ones. I look forward to reading more about your experiences.
    Hugs xo

  4. Thank you all, I really appreciate the support and good wishes.