Monday, July 25, 2011

Believing in Yourself

Confidence is a tricky thing when you are on the edge looking over at kids who are typical and you are outside of the typical curve. Such is the situation when you’ve had physical or intellectual delay.

You’re 2 and your playmates are walking. You aren’t.

You’re 2 1/2 and your parents are thrilled you speak in two word sentences!

You’re 3 and you can’t quite keep up with the kids who climb, run or jump.

You’re 4 and you can be understood about 50% of the time.

Every milestone watched and recorded.

Every deficit noted, worked on.

You’re 8 and you’re struggling with reading.

You’re in therapies every week.

More assessments.

You struggle.

You’re not the same as your peers and your circle of friends is small.

You’re getting older and you realize there are still differences.

It’s hard to believe you are smart when people are always testing, testing, testing you.

You see it as people constantly judging you.

They are helping you reach your potential.

It feels like criticism.

When you’re young it’s hard to look at your deficits that people monitor all the time and internally devote equal time to your supreme qualities to help your confidence grow.

Like your sense of humor and quick wit.

Like your smartness.

Like your tenacity.

Like your ability to fix something and problem solve.

Like your compassion.

Like your strong will.

Maybe if the people who love you unconditionally tell you enough you will believe. You are lovable, smart, funny, enough, unbroken, splendid, caring, giving, perfect, wonderful you.


  1. I could have written that ( though not as well).
    Thank you for putting that together so beautifully.

  2. Awesome! I love that. I am always trying to look at things from my child's perspective, but you really gave that life. Thanks.

  3. Very cool post. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. Love this. It's so important as parents to mirror back all the wonderful qualities and accomplishments of our kids.

  5. Thanks you all for your feedback.Sorry for the delay, I was traveling on the 25th!
    The great thing about being here is that everyone understands. I knew all of you would.