Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Goes On

"May you live in interesting times." --Chinese curse

I’ve been having a bit of writers block. Sure, I’m able to churn out regular posts on my personal blog, where I can get away with rambling on about that one little thing my son tried to say or do, or how cute his curly hair is, or how my little girl is growing up so fast. But when I write for other people, especially places where I contribute only periodically, I try to make my words count a little bit more. I put in the effort.

But now that the holidays are over, and we’re back to our routine, there just isn’t that much going on. Moe goes to school every day, and some days are better than others. Once a week we have occupational therapy, and another day we have music therapy. When Moe is in school, I take my daughter to gym class, or music class or mommy & me. Other days, like today, Moe has a cold and stays home.  Some nights Moe sleeps easily and other times he’s up, but even that is becoming part of the routine.

Our days have a rhythm again, a predictability that although sometimes bores me to tears, is easy and comfortable. And when you have children, especially a child with autism, easy and comfortable is about the best you can ask for. It allows Moe to focus on learning and growing, without being distracted or overwhelmed by lots of new stimuli. It allows me to do the things I need to do to run a house, like get the laundry and grocery shopping done, things I used to take for granted until I had kids. I can focus on the kids when I need to, and even have a little time for writing. And when we do have a difficult day, I’m able to at least begin to figure out what happened and how we can make things better next time.

So even though some days the most interesting thing in my day might happen on twitter, I’m not complaining. Boring is good. It just doesn’t make for great blog posts.

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  1. Boring is wonderfully refreshing. It allows you to catch your breathe and be ready for the next interesting day.

  2. I agree with making your words count a bit more when writing for posts here! But, I love this blog. Because it shows that sometimes we get to live in the boring world. And, to me, that's very hopeful and encouraging!

  3. Thank you! Shortly after I wrote this, my son got a nasty cold, and things got interesting again. So we take boring when we can get it over here!