Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's all just sort of normal.

Well normal for us anyway.

Life is just moving along here in our corner of the world. Each day cycles as it should, we eat, read, argue, enjoy one another, clean up, play, cook so we can eat again, run errands, go to appointments and then we sleep. Each day is similar to the one before it and to the one that will follow it. 

It's life as a parent.

I take the raging tantrums, the violent outbursts, the IEP meetings, the doctors appointments, the therapy, the calls from the school and the therapeutic parenting interventions as just a normal everyday occurrences because they are part of life as a parent to my children.

There comes a time when you step back at look in at what you are doing each and everyday and realise that it has just seemed normal for a very long time. There is nothing abnormal about it, some families have piano lessons and then dinner together everyday, my family has therapy and dinner together everyday, it's the same but different. It is our normal and even though it is not the easiest path it is our path, so I best just do what I can to stay on it.


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1 comment:

  1. I love what you said J
    so very true !!!
    Its our new normals
    Like a friend of mine said once
    "In that world there are soccer moms in this world there are therapy moms"