Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thinking of Writing a Screen Play


This is Don.

He is a brainiac, a very successful science type inventor guy, who is making more money since he retired and decided to just have fun, than he did while he was working. He lives in Malibu.

I met him on the beach in the Bahamas.

I told him I had a daughter with Asperger's and he said, "That's what I have!"

He said he was able to be taught how to conduct himself during job interviews, and can "pass" for brief periods, but not long stretches. 

We talked a bit about writing; he's been writing screen plays for fun, and he suggested I write a screenplay of my daughter Riley's life, the way I would like it to play out. You know, as an alternative to worrying about her.

He said in her moments of great fear(and he's been there), there is not much anyone can do, except "hold her hand through it."

This is her journey to figure out.

It helps so much to talk with those who have an inside understanding of what she is going through.  

Rather than worry, write the story the way you want it to unfold.

I love the idea.


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  1. I love this-putting all that worrying energy into something more positive!

  2. Have you ever read or heard Jonathan Mooney? AMAZING speaker. His story is fascinating and inspiring. Didn't read until he was 12, extreme ADHD, dyslexia...was suicidal at one point in his life. Long-story much shortened? He ended up being able to UNlearn all the negative things he'd been taught to believe about himself bc of his learning differences. With som supports and through self-advocacy, he went on to graduate WITH HONORS from Brown University. He's got two books out and is an incredible speaker. I saw him last night. Check him out. Seriously, the way he shifts the whole "sepcial education" paradigm and embraces neurodiversity is not only refreshing but eye-opening. He's also got a wonderful mentoring program called Eye-to-Eye. You can find out more on his website:
    I love the idea of writing Riley's story the way you want to see it. maybe that would be useful for HER to do for herself...SEE herself as she would like to be. Embrace the beauty and wonder of who she is right here right now. :)

  3. This trip was such a tremendous one for you! I love these people you met and how open you all were with each other.
    That notion of Riley's journey being her own is so frightening, isn't it? I swear, every time my girls are going through something hard I have such a tough time not making it about me - what I did wrong or how I'm failing to 'fix' it. What a great reminder from a virtual stranger.

  4. I love his outlook and suggestion to you. Truly inspired!