Saturday, February 9, 2013

Win Some, Lose Some

There is a stage show where I live that presents mothers reading essays about their parenting experience. I went to it when it was running in the summer and loved it. I loved the diversity of stories, and the universality of them, and how I felt a part of it all just sitting in the audience, and I resolved "some day" to try out for the show.

Guess who is going to be in the May production? Yep. You guessed it: I sent in a piece during the open submission period in January and I am THRILLED to have been selected!

Now for something people would NOT guess -- certainly not people who know me or read my blog. Because if I said, "Guess what I wrote about?" most people would say autism. I tell people I wrote about my NT daughter and I see a flash of surprise. 

There are a countless thoughts that go through my head regarding that.

My essay recounts a day when I took just my daughter to the park. And I lost her. And for a few minutes I lost IT.

It's a typical story, I think, about a mother and a daughter, only, well, we aren't really very typical. And even though this was a story about my girl, the losing her, the losing IT, and even the experience of writing and sending in the essay, they can't not be about autism, and our experience with it, too, because it's a part of how we roll.

I am going to be in a show about motherhood. Autism is a part of my story. Sometimes it's a big part, and sometimes it's small; sometimes it is a hard thing, and sometimes it's a blessing.

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  1. What a great idea for a show! It seems to me lately like some people treat motherhood like a contest to show how their kid is superior to yours or how their parenting experience is infinitely harder than anyone else's. The universality aspect of the show, as you described it, is very appealing to me. Congratulations on being chosen, you're going to rock it ;)

  2. Congratulations, what a wonderful accomplishment!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Mothers. Although I'm sure you'll relive some of the feelings you had that day I bet it will be a wonderful experience. Have fun!

  4. Fantastic news. Also very cool that your spotlight will NOT be on autism! :)
    Have Fun.