Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sharing the Love

We've had a rough go of it at home lately. Moe has been aggressive and not sleeping well. We've all had colds. The last few weeks have been permeated by a particular combination of grumpiness and malaise.

I don't know if it is because of Valentine's Day today, or because Moe fell asleep in his bed at 6:30 last night and slept through the entire night (I suspect the latter), but I'm feeling better today. And because this is Hopeful Parents, after all, I want to write about something happy.

We pulled Moe from school this year. We aren't exactly homeschooling yet, but we are doing a home-based ABA program. Most days, I'm desperate to have him at school. When he's home, I am part of everything. I change every diaper, witness every incident of hair pulling and scratching, and see every frustration. It is at once heartbreaking and exhausting.

But the other day, I was sitting at the table "writing" (read: facebooking) and drinking coffee while one of Moe's therapists was playing with him. He was giggling being really playful and I was reminded that when Moe is at school, I miss these things too. So I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I love about having Moe at home with me.

Things I love about being home with Moe

  1. Hearing genuine giggles when he's having fun.
  2. The chance for him to work in the backyard when Moe needs a change of scenery just because it is a nice day.
  3. Trips to the grocery store together and having Moe help me push the cart around the store.
  4. Not having to pack lunch for Moe every day. Added benefit: he loves to share my lunch, and will almost always try new foods if they come from my plate.
  5. Hearing the cheers from therapists when Moe is doing well and having the opportunity to see his successes, large and small, every day.
  6. Knowing that he is safe.
  7. Knowing that I am there to provide consistency across programs and we can respond immediately if something isn't working.
  8. Working with a small team who knows both Moe and me well.
  9. Knowing that Moe works best in a 1:1 environment and not having to fight a school district to get it.
  10. Seeing this face:

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you get to spend as much time with your loved ones as you want today.

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Jen writes about Moe and his little sister Jelly at her personal blog, Anybody Want a Peanut? You can also find her on Facebook, where she spends most of her day.


  1. He's so cute!!!!! I love your list <3

  2. This is perfect and beautiful, Jen. It's a great reminder that sometimes the easiest thing to change is your perspective. And, it makes all the difference. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Moe and Jelly. ;-)

  3. This is great. Best part is the picture - so stinking cute! He's so little, I love it.
    You are a lucky woman to be able to be home with your child. I'm sure a lot of days, it can be really hard, or isolating, but I'm glad you get to have days like this too.

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  5. I should add #11: Time to spend with all my online friends (and some IRL ones too). :)

    Happy birthday Karyn!

  6. I love your list too! And look at that face!!! :D

  7. Love your list! #4 is my personal favorite!