Monday, March 12, 2012

Warmer weather plans

We moved our clocks forward this weekend and this week in our neck of the woods is bringing on some unseasonally warm temperatures.  The extra sunlight coupled with the good weather will find us outside a good portion of our day.  I love spending the time outdoors and especially enjoy the extra hustle and bustle as neighbors work to get their yards ready for spring.  

This year I hope to plant some vegetables with the girls and so I have to start planning for the garden soon!  Having a child with a brain injury has made me very aware of the effects of food on our body.  I hadn't given much thought about where our food came from and what could be in it before Emma.  I had always assumed that our food supply was fine and then I started noticing the news was increasingly warning of recalls and illnesses from certain foods.  

After doing a lot of research our family committed to source more organic foods.  This is easier with the change of weather because local farmer markets spring up all around us.  We are new to our neighborhood and I'm really looking forward to visiting the farm stands and meeting the farmers.  I plan to visit local pick your own farms with the girls and teach them more about the food they eat.  

Adding a home garden seems like a great step in keeping our commitment to more organic foods and not breaking the budget.  Food costs seem to be skyrocketing and our food budget is not getting any larger!  I'm hopeful that our home garden will be successful and fruitful!  Bring on the sun!