Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ack. A few days late. No, I’m not pregnant. Just tired and late to post this month. Mostly from chasing my previously less mobile four year old around. As exciting as it is to finally see him walking, I feel like I have a one year old all over again. I was so worried about him falling and damaging his shunts if he hits his head (has not happened). I worried that his siblings would knock him over (has happened). I worried that he would be so scared if he fell that he would not try to continue walking (has not happened). Instead he has consistently asked for help in standing and is motoring all over the place! Now what?

His newfound freedom is giving him attitude too. “I do it!” “Don’t help me!” It’s music to my ears. I can tolerate any amount of attitude like that. I know that one day that will be his biggest asset. For right now though, I need to take my biggest asset back to the gym so I can keep up with the physical demands of his mobility.


  1. This was nice to read. I'm glad your son is doing better.

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