Wednesday, February 8, 2012






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"Trans" is a prefix we are using a lot around out home right now because we are in the process of transitioning a little girl into our family and that means there is a lot of transformation going on. We are going from a family of all male children to a family of girls and boys and that means a shift in all sorts of things in terms of both stuff we posses and habits we have. Less of a change for me, the lone female, and more of a change for everyone else. 

We are excited, we are working toward having her here fulltime in mid March. She has her own alphabet soup of issues just like our boys do but at the end of the day, she needs a family who is going to stick with her regardless. We are nothing if not commited and although she is going to keep us busy we are very committed to making sure that this little girl makes a successful transition into our family. A family where the testosterone has over powered the estrogen for a long time and although I love having sons with the rough and tumble world they drag me into, but I am looking very forward to having a dollhouse in my home and perhaps painting nails kids again ( the boys will not let me paint their nails anymore)

J. writes here once a month, although she disappeared for a few months ( life gets in the way of blogging sometimes) but she is hoping to remember that this is where she is to post on the 8th. She also writes at least weekly at her blog Stellar Parenting 101 where she talks about the journey of domestic older child adoption from foster care.