Wednesday, August 17, 2011

packing up hope


This is it, my friends. My last post - at least for a while - on Hopeful Parents. I've asked Christina to allow me to sublet my space to a dear friend. She is an amazing writer, a tireless advocate, an incredible mom and a hell of a friend. It's not my place to say more, but if it works out, I know you're going to adore her as much as I do. 

I have loved it here. I have been grateful beyond measure for this safe place of support and understanding. For the breaking open of my sense of what community means. For my fellow Hopeful Parents who have allowed me - all of us - the chance to share your worlds - your pain, your grief, your grace, your dignity, your healing, your love, your joy, your HOPE. 

For teaching me so much about honoring the truth of our experiences and why sharing them matters. For allowing me to find myself in your stories, no matter how different our paths may seem to be. For the reminder that pain is never a competitive sport. That we are in this together. That we have so much more in common than that which divides us. That we are not just fighting for our own babies, but for all of them. 

I hope you'll come find me on my blog, a diary of a mom  on twitter @diaryofamom and on diary's Facebook page, now almost 4,000 strong. 

Thank you, Christina and all of you who dwell here in this place of hope. It has been an honor to have contributed to this sacred space. 


  1. A lovely farewell to a wonderful community! Thanks for all your beautiful posts here.

  2. don't let the door hit ya'September 27, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    Miss her? Well run on over to Diary. Diary Mom will remind you every other day that she's busy, so busy, too busy, did she tell you she was busy??? (honestly she writes this constantly) to really grace us with her writing but she finds the time in her busy, so busy day to communicate with her minions. Luckily (she tells us poor minions) that she has no financial worries unlike so many of us, but she will always be there to give us advice on how great you can be, just like her. How you too can have a husband who seems to do nothing but run marathons, have wealthy parents in Westport CT who hang on her every word and vacation five times a year.
    I am astonished the blind autism moms do not see just how condescending this woman appears to be.
    I, for one, like the honest, down to earth autism parents who post here. Glad to see this one go.