Friday, August 5, 2011

a day late and $10 short

   I really am going to try and be better about this (yeah yeah, I can hear y'all laughing from here).

   So I'm a day late on my post and $10 short on the rent this month, but that's all details. GUESS WHAT LITTLE CHILD ATE FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING?

   An entire slice of French Toast (homemade with eggs from our ducks!) and ten Rainier Cherries with a small cup of Ovaltine. 


   So the rest is kind of just details :)


* Nobody is getting all yank-happy about the g-tube just yet; he still requires an average of eight ounces of Neocate per day to meet his fluid/caloric needs, but I'm pretty confident that he'll be done with the g-tube for good before he's done with the first grade at this rate and that? IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!

MFA Mama also keeps a personal blog here about her family, her poultry, and her life. She will NEVER get tired of watching her youngest child eat!

1 comment:

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