Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Into Action

The foundation of Chinese philosophy is based on the idea that human beings are a part of this universe and integral to the dynamic flow of nature just as animals and plants. For that reason, living in harmony with the seasons is a key component to health. According to Chinese Medicine, the universe is forever changing and to be at our best we must continually adapt to these changes. In Chinese medicine, the season of Spring is
associated with the Wood element.

Attributes of Spring:
Element: Wood
Color: Green
Nature: Yang
Organs: Liver, Gallbladder
Emotion: Anger

The Wood element is a good one for Hopeful Parents. Wood exemplifies the energy of growth, change, and pushing through obstacles. It represents a very active energy that allows for a lot of movement and progress, both internally and externally. When constrained, it is also the energy that contributes to frustration, anger and stress. Like the Wood element, anger can make us hard and unbendable - like the tree that snaps in a strong wind instead of swaying. So what can we learn from the Wood element? The key here is flexibility. Stand tall, plant your roots deeply, and remain flexible rather than rigid so you don’t snap. Think about the experience of anger – it is often the feeling of snapping that occurs when frustration and obstacles thwart us. When we believe that we have more options, we have increased patience and the very necessary component of Hope.

Use the new energy of Spring to return to projects that deserve your attention. Spring is a natural time for action, change and rebirth.


  1. Great post
    You imspired me to clean up our playroom tomorrow

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