Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeking Personal Secretary

I sat with a roomful of at least 8 wonderful women yesterday for Sylvie's quarterly medical care conference.  Her doctor, 2 nurses, her PT, her current and future speech therapist, our case manager with the Department of Public Health and three PCAs were all there. I'm eternally grateful that my daughter's pediatrician calls these care conference updates.  A chunk of yesterday's meeting was spent talking about Sylvie's transition to kindergarden.  The school hasn't had a child in a wheelchair for a long time--you could hear the nervousness in the voice of the school staff member.  She later told me she could tell I was a strong advocate for my daughter (Hello? She is my daughter!).  Another transition. Another opportunity to rally troops to learn about my daughter. I want to write more about the upcoming IEP, the Open House to the girls new school, the search for new PCAs this summer, but I'm too tired.

All my PCAs are college students, and they are in the midst of finals.  I'm juggling everyone's schedule on a google calendar that is carefully orchestrated between 5 adults, 2 children, and 3 jobs.  

I need a personal secretary! 

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