Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What We Know


Love, the simplicity of it

At first, that is all we know

When our children enter our lives

Some of us learn early on

That things will be different

That our lives will take an unexpected turn

Some will find out later

That we must accept a new persona

And ask questions without answers, such as


But some of our questions will be answered

In time

We will come to know

More about ourselves

Than we ever expected to

We know that we are vulnerable

No matter how many well-wishers

Revere our strength

We know how hard it really is

Love, the complexity of it

We know

That there aren’t any instruction books

Yet we keep reading them

We acclimate to our reality the best we can

And when we think of our children’s futures

Ultimately we will come to realize that

So much of what we know

Is what we don’t know

And we learn to live with that

Through it all, we come back to the one constant

That keeps us moving forward

When everything else is stripped away

The reason why we have been here all along

Why we do what we do

How we know

What we know

Love, the simplicity of it


                                     Tanya writes TeenAutism


  1. fighting for my childrenJanuary 20, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Great poem Tanya! and so true.

  2. Oh, you're so right, so simple and so complex!

  3. Beautiful Tanya.
    True and beautifully put.

  4. I love to contemplate simplicity, and your beautiful poem has let me do that. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful! I dedicate my recent blog to you and yours! Thank you. I will share this with my grad students (special ed, psych and counseling). It will make a difference!