Thursday, December 10, 2015

An Open Letter to the US Department of Education

Normally it's me who posts.  I've been silent for a couple of months.  It hasn't been a quiet couple of months though!  I did have a post ready for today but where I live there is a growing problem.  A very large one.

Our area isn't where it should be in the special education realm.  I've fought our county and our state since the adoption of my first child.  This is not OK.

Today I'm turing over my spot to a talented writer named Erin.  She is an amazing woman.  She has also been through the fires of hell over trying to get justice for her children.

But justice is fickle and as of now her whole life has been turned upside down in trying to do what is right for her children.

I'm posting the link to her blog post.  Please read it.  After you are done, share it.  Then find places on line that you can share it some more.  Sharing this blog won't make you a millionaire or grant you seven wishes, but it will let the world see that what was done wasn't right. That justice wasn't given.

Click here to get to the post 

I plan on being back next month, but in the meantime please read.  Her children's rights have been ignored for far to long.

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Amy Fields is a wife, mother, and advocate.  You can find her at Many Kinds of Families


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