Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thank You, Taylor Swift

My daughter has always reached milestones in her own time. When she was younger, things like speech and play were the focus. But, as she got older, it was the social milestones that seemed out of reach.

Last year, there were girls in K's class who wore Justin Bieber shirts. I told myself I was lucky to have a child who didn't know who Justin Bieber was, but it also made me a bit sad. She should like Justin Bieber. She should sit with her girlfriends at lunch talking about his latest song. Sure, there have been a few Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs K has liked, but she's never latched on to either artist. Never talked about them. Never asked for the latest CD. She'd sing along in the car, but that's where it ended.

Sometimes the social milestones are the hardest ones to get over as a parent. Especially having a girl. There are times I wish K would ask to shop at Justice, or Abercrombie. Want the latest pair of shoes (that don't light up). Show interest in some of the same things as her peers. It's selfish to want that, but true nonetheless.

And then it happened.

K has recently taken an interest in Taylor Swift. Like, really taken an interest. She has asked me to put her songs on the iPod, and listens to them constantly. She has watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix many, many times. Then, tonight in the car, she asked if we could go to a Taylor Swift concert, because she was her favorite singer.

She asked to see Taylor Swift in concert. Because she's her favorite singer. 

To me, that's a pretty big milestone.

Excuse me while I wallpaper K's room with all things Taylor Swift.

And start saving up for those tickets.

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Jen is mom to K (HFA/Dyslexia) and B (boy). She lives with her husband, children, and too many animals, in small town New England. You can find her new blog (long story) at Yellow Mustard Mom, follow her on Twitter @YellowMustard19.


  1. I love Taylor Swift, she is such a good role model. Allie has been in love with her for years (and never liked Justin). Celebrate K's milestone and dance to the music :)