Friday, January 4, 2013

Striving for balance and giving up chocolate!

I have never made a New Years resolution. Ever!

It hadn't even crossed my mind to think that the end of 2012 would be any different. 


A facebook friend happened to make the following comment;

 "Hi there, as we rapidly approach the New Year & although normally I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, I've been thinking about the habits I would like to change that could help with our RDI programme & general family life? How about you?"

This stopped me in my tracks. Habits? Crikey, I have a lot of habits and not all of them good! 

Of late I have been feeling dissatisfied with a number of lifestyle choices. My weight gain has been depressing me AND I know it is all because of my chocolate addiction. My son Nick (asd) also has food issues that need addressing. As for my fitness level. Well, lets just say that I start puffing if I have to walk up two flights of stairs! 

I am very aware that the relationship I have with my husband and my other son is not as it should be. I have no one to blame except circumstances. Phew, having a special needs child/teenager really upsets the apple cart! 

The focus does tend to be on the more vulnerable member of our family. How can it not? As for him, what do I want for him and where can I see us going? He is actually progressing so nicely and I know that I want that to continue.

There is also the matter of having some *me time*. Okay, okay, we are on school holiday at the moment and *me time* is quite hard to squeeze in. What about the rest of the year?

Anyhow, after mulling over my options for 2013, I came up with the following four (short and sweet) goals.... don't want to go to overboard you know!

*  I want to start taking care of my own health and also lose the extra kg's that I have put on! 

*  Spend more quality time with my husband. 

*  My focus for Nick will be to continue being mindful about my parenting and to always bear in mind the *edge plus one* concept.

* Take the time to really listen to my first born and also guide him to be more independent!

It shouldn't be a problem trying to balance it all (cough, splutter, rolling of eyes!).

As for the chocolate, I will think about that habit tomorrow......

P.S. I have booked my *me time*. I am going to an Autism Conference in Ireland to listen to Temple Grandin. Woo-hoo, can't wait! :-)

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Di blogs about Autism and teenagers over at the Bright Side of Life. 


  1. Very reasonable and attainable aims Di, and glad you're leaving the chocolate bit for now!. 'I have no one to blame but circumstancess ' SO glad you said circumstance because that's exactly it... well said!

    xx Jazzy

  2. =). I like that your goals all have to do with your family - one with each of you in mind... and the whole family will benefit. What is edge plus one?

  3. Wonderful post Di! I am not one who believes in resolutions either, but I think it is always great to think about how to keep things moving in a positive direction and these are all great things to aspire to. Good luck!

  4. @Jazzy ~ ...and circumstances dictate that I NEVER give up chocolate, ever! :) Thank you for your comment. x

    @rhemashope ~ Yes, I was aiming for balance. Edge plus one is taking the child to the edge of his/her competence and then ONE tiny step more.. This is how Nick continues to progress.

    @Floortime ~ Thank you. :)

    @Danele ~ Thanks so much for your comment. It certainly helps to have some goals in place in order to move forward. Lets just hope I follow through!!