Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Me, Too

There was nothing out of (our) ordinary when my son approached two little girls, strangers on a play date at the park, and, standing too close and speaking loudly, announced to one of them, "Hi! I'm a wizard!"

What WAS a brand new experience?

When the girl matched him volume, enthusiasm, and sincerity, proclaiming, "So AM I! Actually, I am a dragon wizard!" She then went on to tell him her wizard name (longer than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) and to correct his description of a crystal ball (which, she explained to him, should be called a crystal ORB). I was blown away.

Her friend seemed a bit discomfited as my son and his friend, the dragon wizard, shared their magic, and my husband and I stood by uselessly, in shock. My mind spun with pointless questions (Is she teasing him, or sincere? Is she on the spectrum too, or typical? Should I say something, or let this play out? Did he speak to her at random, or did he sense a kinship? Am I imagining this, or being punked? Did she really just match him wizard rant for wizard rant? Are people watching this? If I take their picture, will I get in trouble, or break the spell?)

We are working on arranging a play date at our castle.

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  1. Wow how fun. I hope she sincerely shared your son's passion! Always nice to find a friend..