Saturday, April 30, 2011


So much going on  right now that I am not at liberty to discuss in public forums; it takes all my energy sometimes to formulate short sentences let alone a full blog post. Instead, I'm writing short poems and snarky tweets. 

This is a poem for my special mama friends who have helped me through so much. I love them for keeping me sane and making me laugh when it gets to be too much.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is for all of us to find our own "tribe" of people who get the struggles and frustrations, the joys and the miracles we all encounter in our lives as parents to our very special children.  Finding my tribe has saved me.

(an original poem by Niksmom)

Thoughts, like fierce winds rage
Inside my head, swirling
Like so many grains
Of sand into a funnel cloud
Leaving swaths of destruction
Linking words into coherent thought
Seems a distant memory

My body is parched
For sleep
Feasting on itself for energy
Like carrion in the desert sun
Leaving skeletal fragments
Of thought and action
Mere outlines of what should be

Like ancient mummies
Swaddled and encased
In endless worry my heart
Has become heavy
I cannot lift the weight alone
I need my trusty handmaids
To ease my ache with kindness

Love, laughter and kind words
Lift the gossamer veil of my pain
Raw and honest words pierce
My armor penetrating the gloom
Refreshing, reawakening
Refocusing, reshaping
My outlook

An oasis in the middle
Of this barren desert which sometimes
Threatens to desiccate my being
Friendship keeps my soul from withering
And blowing away like the dust
Of so many pharaohs long gone
You are the riches in my journey
To the other side



When she's not busy fighting battles on behalf of (and sometimes with) her son, Niksmom writes about life at Maternal Instincts.