Monday, March 8, 2010


I have an appointment this week, an appointment that may give us some new  insights  or may just create more questions.

Fudge has spent a number of mornings recently with a wonderful man we will call Dr. A. Fudge says that they  played games, ripped paper, had snacks, talked about stuff and coloured pictures.  Fudge enjoyed his time with Dr. A and each time they we went to see him I spent a couple of hours waiting for him.  I sat in uncomfortable chairs and wondered about how things were going. I was not allowed to participate, instead I thought, I blogged, I wondered about whether this process would make a difference in my sons life.

Fudge had a diagnosis when we first met him, they said he had ADHD. As we got to know Fudge and as he got to know us it became apparent that there was much more going on for him than ADHD. In fact we questioned whether or not that was the right diagnosis or not.  We began to wonder about other things. We were supported by his therapist who worked really hard to get a complete neuro-psych evaluation  done with one of the best child psych’s in the area. We were blessed to have in done with in weeks of putting the request.

All the questionnaires are filled out, all the testing is done and now we just have to wait for Thursday morning.  There are a lot of feelings wrapped up in what I may or may not hear at that meeting.

I am not sure if what we hear will make any difference at all in the life of our son but I hope that it will. I hope that it will bring some clarity to what seems to be rather foggy situation. It is hard to see through the fog and it would be nice if we had some extra lights, some lights we could shine on the curves so we can see them coming  would be great. We don’t need  search lights, flashlights will be good enough.

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