Thursday, December 31, 2009


A couple of days ago, one of the posts that was written generated a lot of heated argument about the origin of Autism. I turned-off comments on that post because people were telling other people to "fuck" themselves.

If those of you involved would like to continue the conversation off-line, I will be happy to provide you with each other's e-mail addresses. But please refrain from that kind of aggressive name-calling here.


  1. I had to go looking for the post you mentioned and was *shocked* that those comments were written on that post or on this site. How disappointing that such nastiness spills over into what is meant to be a place od hope and inspiration.
    I wouldn't encourage the dialogue at all. I'd block the posters from this site.

  2. Thank you, Christina, for doing that. It was absolutely ridiculous and I wondered whether those people really did exist as they chose to remain "anonymous," which in this case just showed the lack of courage they had to express their opinions.

  3. I've found the conversation here unusually respectful and thought provoking. Although I do have strong feelings about The Topic That Shall Not Be Named, it's essential to have a haven of civility. Hopeful Parents has been that place for me.
    Thank you for shutting down comments. That post didn't deserve them.

  4. I missed it. I missed the whole conversation because we were having holiday fun.....I've never been able to resist looking at a train wreck, and now I've missed my chance.....
    I do appreciate our moderator protecting our sense of civility and respect on this site though. Thank you.