Friday, October 11, 2013


This is just a short post.  Today while many of you will be reading (or not:) ) I will be in court. Today we will be celebrating A-Day.

So many times we struggle with our kids.  The doctors, therapies, equipment, day to day survival that when we find moments of joy we are over the moon.  Today is our moment of joy.

Today we will stand in front of a judge and become a family.  Today Cary Lynn looses her status as a foster child and gains the status of treasured daughter.  She always was from the minute she came home, but now we will have the paperwork to prove it.

The child who was born to a heroin addicted mother at 24 weeks, who everybody gave up on not only lived, but continues to grow and thrive.  She is a miracle and a daily blessing in our hearts and home.

So today join me in celebrating and welcoming our daughter into our forever family.  I love you baby girl!

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Amy Fields is a mother, advocate, and still thinks no one really reads these blurbs:).  You can find her at her other blog, Many Kinds Of Families.