Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Excitement & Adventure!

Life.. la, la........laaaa, la, la!

It's a new month.

It's going to be a busy one.

It's going to go fast.

It's exciting and fun and scary.

It's going to be so good!

I haven't seen my mother for two years and she arrived yesterday!

We have six weeks together. Fingers crossed that I don't drive her crazy! 

Toes crossed that I don't swear at her. It has been known to happen! :)

The husband is going on boys trip with our first born.


I can't quite believe it......

We (as in, me and Mum) are taking my other boy on a plane trip, his first in ten years!

Two years ago I set myself a goal. "I am going to take Nick on a plane". 

Our Nick, who just happens to be on the more severe end of the autistic spectrum. Our boy who loves his home comforts. Our kid who used to really hate going anywhere new!

We leave on July 1st. Our flight is going to take two hours. I will need to hire a car at the other end. We then drive for an hour to our destination and will be staying there for three nights! New place, new bed, new EXPERIENCES!

Nick is ready.

He no longer needs a regular routine.

He is flexible, adaptable and all those other lovely words that describe how far he has come.

He trusts me.

He is very ready.

So am I.

I know that together we will manage the zillion and one changes.

I may need a stiff drink at the end of the day, however, Nick will be there sitting in the seat next to me.

I remain hopeful that my Mum can cope with the challenge!!

Wish us luck! x

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Di has a relatively easy time raising two teenage boys, one who happens to be autistic. She blogs over at the Bright Side of Life. If you are a fan of facebook you can find her HERE!


  1. Good luck! I hope he does fantastic!
    And enjoy your visit with your mum :)

  2. you absolutely absolutely will do great
    one great tip I do to manage my own stress is just have that particular mindset everyday ( that I will not get stressed )

    1. Thanks for the tip, K. I think *I will not get stressed* is a great mantra to use! x

  3. This is awesome Di. Would love to hear how it goes!!! Good for Nick and good for you!!!

    1. Hi Gayle. I will definitely share how our trip goes... in fact, I will probably over share!! :)

  4. Brought a tear to my eye - so pleased for you. And congratulations on yours and Nick's achievement.....that is no mean feat!!

    1. Thanks, Zoe. Hold off on the congratulations until after the big adventure!! ;) I do admit to feeling a little apprehensive about the trip, however, I know that it will all go fine!

  5. Wishing you luck. Have a great trip. Enjoy the changes.

  6. Fantastic, I really hope that you all have a wonderful time xx