Monday, March 18, 2013

Mother/Son Dance

This photo of me right before the Mother/Son Dinner and Dance is fairly representative of the whole night. True, Wil did, technically, pose for a few pictures, but I'm not sure two-and-a-half seconds of standing there next to me, really counts as "posing." He informed me a full month before the event that he would go, "But I won't sit by you, talk to you, or dance with you." He was good on his word.

That's not to say we didn't have a ball. He had his ball, I had mine. I talked with friends and even got asked to dance by one of Wil's friends, Jack. Sweet Jack and I did the Boot Scootin Boogie. Wil drank five glasses of fruit punch, four dinner rolls and four brownies. He mixed it up with his friends and made a few new ones, not that they really know that's what happened.

At one point a senior and his mother made a point of coming up to meet me, and separately, of course, Wil. The boy, we'll call him S., for stud. "S. comes home with so many Wil stories, I feel like I know him, I just had to meet you guys," she said. S. is one of Wil's student assistants and he truly is a stud. On the football field. On the basketball court. In the classroom. In Wil's heart. "S. wants you to come to his graduation party this spring. It's really important to him."

It's hard to be both a giant PITA and yet worm your way into the hearts of many, but somehow Wil does it every time.
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  1. What a lovely photo of you. I am glad you and Wil had a good time together (but separate)at the dance. I can also relate to the "Don't sit next to me... Don't talk to me..." comments from a teenage son!!lol And so nice your son has made such a studly friend! A lovely and uplifting post thank you for sharing it.

  2. Typical teenager! What a riot! I love that you had a nice time, and he did too - separately. ;-)

  3. This is like reading about myself and Nigel going to a dance! I'm glad all went well despite the separate-ness.

  4. "But I won't sit by you, talk to you, or dance with you."

    Hilarious! If only more guys were this honest.