Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A substitute for a Teddy Bear? Not!

Last week of August was also last week of Patrik's holidays. On September 3rd was his first day of school. Ever.

But the last week was strange. All his life he never showed desire that he wants someone to go to sleep with him. Yes, we put him in his bed, kissed him good night and we left. He always fell asleep alone. 

The first night that he pushed me onto his bed I was so surprised that of course, I granted his wish and layed beside him untill he fell asleep. The next night it was the same. And the next one. 

The third night when I came down stairs to the family room where my husband waited, I started to wonder if I was a substitute for his teddy bear. He has two teddy bears: white and brown one, but the brown one is the APSOLUTE winner. He goes with him everywhere.

Patrik forgot or left it with his Grandma, who was watching him when me and J. were at our work.

But then on Friday August 31st, teddy found his way home... and anyway - Patrik wanted me to lay down with him untill he fell asleep. At that point I knew - I was not a substitute for a teddy! Yeah!

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Petra is a Writer, Mum of Two, Wife to One, Full Time Employed Woman... Warrior for a better Future for her child with Autism and for the one without. 
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  1. Petra, that is too sweet. I am all for grabbing those opportunities.... not that they happen in my house ha ha!