Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lesson learned.

I had a long day due to a broken car and a boy who has a mysteriously sore leg that does not seem to be getting any better. I put my kids to bed early and then sat down to write here which I do on the 8th of every month.

I wrote about some of the medical drama that is going on with Calvin and how it seems as though we might be getting somewhere and how great that is. Then I wrote about his mysterious leg pain and my inability to to know what to the right choice is about how we deal with it from here.

It was a good piece, I spent much of my day thinking about it. I got it all written and then I hit the spell check button and the computer froze. Not just little bit frozen,  but stopped working, must shut down kind of frozen.

Given that I had a long day I had typed the post right into the Create a Post page and not in Word as I often do, not only did I type it all out,  it was finished, except that I neglected to hit the save button even once while I typed. My post is gone into the place where unsaved posts disappear, perhaps that is same place as all of the missing socks that I have the mates to in a basket on the bed.

Regardless of where it went it is not here and sadly I am to tired to write it again. Instead I poured myself a second glass of wine and sat down to tell you where my post went. It is not a very good story I know, not witty, or thoughtful or hopeful at all, but it is the truth. Sadly.

J blogs at Stellar Parenting 101 where she writes about her boys, adoption, attachment and life, always grateful that blogger autosaves as you type.

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