Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hope You Never Need This but…Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Needs

    One of the simple things we do is both my husband and I have a one page cheat sheet on our daughter in our wallets.  It includes:   diagnosis, meds., allergies, insurance, and doctors with contact phone numbers.  We also have one in an envelope on our refrigerator. This ensures her important data will be relayed as she can’t communicate it, and just in case we can’t.  The National Family Caregivers Association recommends that some caregivers wear medical id jewelry for the same reason; for more information see .  There are some good forms used in childcare in our state that are good samples such as the universal health record care plan for children with special needs

    For more comprehensive notes, I recommend the Build Your Own Care Notebook from the American Academy of Pediatrics found at .  Also emerging health information technology will allow information to be stored electronically.  Life Ledger has caregiver plans for the elderly at and will be developing one for children with disabilities but for now it may be a good idea to look at the categories (social security, legal, etc.)

    Besides the actual records, there are other things for caregivers of children with special needs to consider.  For example, is your child’s medication refrigerated or does he/she use electrical equipment.  What happens if there’s a power shortage?  Do you have an emergency generator?  Family Voices has many resources for emergency preparedness for both home and school, found at

    As I said earlier, I hope you never need any of this but as the Girl and Boy Scouts motto says “Be prepared”…just in case.


Remain Hopeful,




  1. Thanks for reminding me! Just two days ago, I realized that, with the storm bearing down on us, I had only 3 days worth of some of Carter's medicines left. We can't afford to be unprepared like that, ever. An emergency is unlikely, but so is a car accident and I still wear my seatbelt!

  2. This is an absolutely wonderful resource! Thank you so very much!

  3. Adrienne-we did the same thing too with prescriptions-you're very welcome!

  4. Melody,
    Thanks for your kind words-you're welcome!