Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want to be on TV?

Hopeful Parents is helping to launch a new, unscripted series featuring families raising children with special needs. A major, national cable network has expressed interest in this show.

Families are invited to apply for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a documentary-style, reality-based show to create awareness for the extreme parenting many of us perform on a daily basis.

We will consider families who can show a core stability, who would be capable of having camera crews of three to four people in their home for two to three days at a stretch, who are articulate and well-studied on their child's disorders, and who exhibit forceful personalities in finding solutions.

We are currently accepting applications and scheduling interviews -- THROUGH JULY 16 ONLY. Please complete the form to be considered for casting.

BLOGGERS & E-MAILERS: Please help us get the word out! Please link to this post from your blogs, or copy this text and e-mail it to your network. We would like to find the most compelling stories possible, and we know you can help!

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